Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mini Guide to Literature Racks

Corporate gatherings might be incomplete without PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other graphical options in order to share information but one cannot ignore the importance of corporate literature especially in trade shows. This is when literature racks come in handy. Various literature display racks are designed in forms that help exhibitors to organize company's literature and present them to interested show attendees.

Although there are many variants of literature display racks available in market but mostly they can be grouped into three basic types:

Rigid Steel Racks

Rigid literature racks are not suitable for traveling purposes but the powder coated black / silver literature display racks are those legacy designs which are still preferred by many exhibitors. They are about 2-6 feet in height and shorter ones can even be displayed on tables.

Collapsible Steel Racks

These portable literature racks also offer the rigidity and durability of rigid literature racks but they can collapse themselves in easy to ship sizes. One can fold these to size of 18 inches (approx.) and can expand them to a size of 5 feet or more as per the requirements.

Nylon Made Portable Literature Racks

These racks have nylon pockets sewn around steel or aluminum rods thus considerably reducing their weight. One can even collapse them to size smaller than collapsible steel racks. Portable literature racks having nylon pockets happen to be the most suitable literature racks for trade shows.