Monday, December 8, 2008

Literature Rack Display Types and Their Names

The literature Rack market has grown over the years and I have seen new product developments launched and others retired for their lack of popularity and functionality. These literature racks displays were all designed to serve the same purpose of displaying your literature.

While literature racks serve then same purpose they differ in foot print. They come in different colors, styles, and sizes. Most of these displays are constructed from some form of aluminum, nylon, acrylic, and plastic polymers. These displays are mass produced and allow very little customization

To go into further detail I would like to discuss in my opinion the three most popular portable literature racks used throughout the trade show industry including the reveal, cascade, and zedup lite.

The reveal is the least expensive of these models and is made from a nylon material that rolls up easily for transportation. You can purchase this literature rack with 4 or 8 pockets. In addition the display comes in a black or silver finish but in all honesty the silver finish doesn’t look well on the nylon mesh material.

Next you have the cascade is the newest literature rack on the market. This product is made from acrylic and plastic polymers. The cascade offers portability and can be collapsed and packed for shipping. This one of your few options for literature racks that is not made from aluminum or metal.

Finally you have the zed up lite, which happens to be most popular literature racks used in the display market. The zedup lite is a very modern looking literature rack and comes in a silver finish. This diplay also collapses for easy transportation and can be purchased with an aluminum hard case or nylon bag for shipping purposes. This display provides a great look and is constructed with durable materials.